Boskalis operates around the world and is a leading player in the field of dredging, offshore energy and maritime services. The company is a leader in its market segments thanks to its ability to deliver innovative all-round solutions combined with a broad portfolio of specialist activities. Its versatile maritime assets with value-adding potential are the cornerstone of the Boskalis business model. Systematic execution of the strategy, which is reviewed regularly in light of relevant market developments, is a key factor in Boskalis’ success.


The Corporate Business Plan of Boskalis was formulated with a clear eye on the long-term megatrends that underpin the Boskalis business model. These business drivers are structural growth and rising prosperity of the global population, which in turn drives growth in global trade and demand for raw materials and energy. Global warming also continues to create business opportunities for Boskalis, with a growing need for flood protection measures and land reclamation. These macro trends are the key drivers of long-term growth for our activities, irrespective of unpredictable and potentially less favorable developments in the shorter term in some of the regions and markets where Boskalis is active.

Strategic framework

The Boskalis strategy is a logical progression from our mission and vision.

We are a leading global dredging and marine services expert that creates new horizons for all our stakeholders.

We do so by offering a unique combination of people, equipment and activities. We provide innovative and competitive all-round solutions for our clients in the offshore energy sector, ports, and coastal and delta regions, always maintaining the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

In light of the market outlook the strategic course for the coming period is based on three pillars: Focus, Optimize and Expand.

Strategic pillars

Strategy update

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