Boskalis operates around the world and is a leading player in the field of dredging, offshore energy and maritime services. The company is a leader in its market segments thanks to its innovative all-round solutions combined with a broad portfolio of specialist activities. Systematic execution of the strategy is an important cornerstone for Boskalis’ success, and the strategy is reviewed regularly in light of relevant market developments.


The long-term business model and Corporate Business Plan of Boskalis are based on a number of long term megatrends. Global population growth and increasing prosperity are the driving force behind structural growth in global trade and growing demand for natural resources and energy. Moreover, global warming continues to create opportunities for Boskalis around the world, such as coastal defense, the need to reclaim new land as well as the shift to renewable energy such as offshore wind. Boskalis is very aware of the fact that the timing and momentum with which these trends and opportunities translate into projects varies widely from region to region. In a number of regions and markets where Boskalis is active these trends are developing less favorably, making the outlook uncertain for both the short and the medium term.

Strategic framework

The Boskalis strategy is a logical progression from our mission and vision.

We are a leading global dredging and marine services expert that creates new horizons for all our stakeholders. We do so by offering a unique combination of people, equipment and activities. We provide innovative and competitive all-round solutions for our clients in the offshore energy sector, ports, and coastal and delta regions, always maintaining the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

With a broad, integrated range of maritime activities and (logistical) services Boskalis holds a unique position in the global maritime market. This translates into a host of opportunities with both existing and new clients, the offshore oil, gas and wind energy sector being a case in point. We want to strengthen and selectively expand this position, for example by fully leveraging the synergies that exist within the group and through organic and acquired growth.

In light of the current market conditions the strategic course places an emphasis on two pillars: Focus and Strengthen & Rationalize.

Strategic pillars

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