On Christmas Eve 2016, the cargo vessel Cabrera grounded on the rocks off the Greek island of Andros. The vessel broke into pieces, sinking to a depth of 34 meters.

SMIT Salvage - and its Greek partner Megatugs of Piraeus - immediately removed the oil from the vessel and recovered part of the cargo. Subsequently, SMIT and Megatugs were contracted for lifting up the stern. This included lifting the accommodation, as well as the remaining cargo, from the seabed. The floating sheerleg Taklift 4 - with a lifting capacity of 2,200 Mt - was mobilized for the lifting work. Once detailed engineering plans had been set out, salvage divers placed the lifting chains to enable the Taklift 4 to lift the aft section from the seabed and safely load it onto a barge.

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