With the increase in size of both cruise and container vessels that are regularly visiting the Port of Southampton, the Marchwood Widening Works, an early phase of the major capital works planned for the Southampton Approaches, were a critical element allowing container and cruise ships to operate safely at the port.

The project involved the removal of material over a 900m length of the western edge of the navigation channel in Southampton Water opposite berths 104-106. The channel was widened by around 30m at the existing maintained dredge level of 12.6m below Chart Datum (CD). The total volume of material dredged was approximately 270,000m³.

Boskalis Westminster used a combination of four split hopper barges; Long Sand, Cork Sand, Frigg and Rind, alongside the backhoe dredger, Manu Pekka. Loading of the barges was tightly coordinated so that as one barge was full another was ready to be loaded, keeping the cycle going 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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