The passenger ferry ‘Nordlys’, which trades along the Norwegian coast from Oslo, reported a fire in the engine room. Sadly, two people died in this fire. The passengers were taken off and emergency teams mobilised.

List of 20 degrees
SMIT Salvage was called in by Norwegian hull underwriters to support the firefighting operation alongside at Alesund. This casualty already had a slight list but suddenly heeled over, to just over 20 degrees.

Reduce the critical list
SMIT Salvage teamed up with Norwegian partners 'Bukser og Berging' mobilising tugs, dewatering pumps and other essential equipment. At this point all personnel transferred from the vessel as 'Nordlys' was approaching the critical list of 25 degrees. Fortunately, the salvage team was able to rig high capacity pumps and reduced the list. This gained enough time for the ship's condition to be further improved.

Brought in upright condition
The 'Nordlys' operation was supervised by a Salvage Master, a Salvage Naval Architect and a Salvage Superintendent. More pumps were rigged. As pumping continued, work began on other essential tasks, including temporary patching. Gradually, the salvage team gained control and the ferry was brought into the upright condition. The 'Nordlys' is now undergoing repairs.

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