In the morning of 6 December 2006 semi submersible vessel Mighty Servant 3 developed a list and sank off the port of Luanda, Angola, after the offloading of drilling platform Aleutian Key. The vessel was resting at the sea bottom in approximately 52 meters of water.

SMIT Salvage conducted a complete diving survey prior to removing the vessel’s bunker oil and pollutants. Moreover SMIT Salvage was contracted to salvage the Mighty Servant 3 in order to give her a second life.

After having finalised the ’Nautilus’ salvage project the Taklift 7 immediately departed for Angola. Furthermore diving vessel Smit Orca was mobilised.

The Mighty Servant 3 was salvaged by means of sheerlegs Taklift 7 and by pressurizing the various compartments with compressed air. Initially the bow was refloated and stabilized. Subsequently the stern was lifted. Ultimately the vessel was fully dewatered and successfully redelivered to the owners on 26 May 2007.

Furthermore the vessel was transported to Cape Town - South Africa for repairs, where she arrived on Sunday 17 June 2007.

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