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offshore solutions

Boskalis provides integrated services that no other company in the international energy sector can provide, thanks to our unique and extensive range of marine services for onshore and offshore facilities. These range from development, construction, transport and installation, to inspection, repair and maintenance, and eventual decommissioning. With our commitment to safety, professionalism and entrepreneurship, our experts have the drive and focus to achieve the best result for our clients.

Building expert teams for your project

We can build dedicated teams around clients and projects, drawing on expertise from the breadth of the Boskalis group of companies. In addition to our dedicated crew onboard our vessels, you can rely on our highly skilled professionals from a wide range of disciplines. These include hydraulic, transport, marine and civil engineering, ecology, morphology, geology, geophysics and marine biology.

You can rely on our expertise, experience and commitment to execute operations safely, on time and within budget.

Complete life-cycle services

  • In the pre-design phase we help determine the feasibility of your business case.
  • During the design phase we create a solution that fits your requirements.
  • As your main contractor, we streamline execution by managing subcontractors and communicating with stakeholders.
  • We provide cost-effective solutions by offering (long-term) IRM campaigns.
  • At the end of the life-cycle we can reduce the total cost of ownership and limit the environmental footprint through our decommissioning services.

What sets us apart


Our commitment to safety and sustainability

Both our progressive safety program and our environmental expertise are held in high regard.


A team built around your needs

With 10,700 experts, Boskalis has the resources to build a global team to meet the challenges you face.

Changfang & Xidao

Our ability to manage complexity

Involve us early on and we can significantly improve your processes, mitigate risks and minimize uncertainties.

Vanguard Fishfarm

Unique range of integrated maritime services

Through optimal deployment of our expertise, vessels and activities, we realize complex projects around the world.

Let's talk Integrated offshore solutions

Offshore Energy

For offshore energy related queries get in touch with our Offshore Energy department.

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More about our offshore activities


Boskalis delivers dry and wet heavy marine transport with semi-submersible heavy lift vessels and ocean going tugs.

Oil and gas installation

Boskalis delivers fully integrated solutions for the offshore installation of fixed and floating oil and gas production structures.

Subsea Services

Boskalis provides subsea inspection, repair and maintenance services, as well as construction and decommissioning works.


Boskalis delivers decommissioning of offshore production facilities, from platform and subsea removal, to disposal of structure parts.

Offshore support services

Boskalis provides a wide range of offshore support services; anchor-handling support, accommodation and walk-to-work, heavy lift services and chartering of barges and pontoons.