Boskalis provides a wide range of offshore support services, including anchor handling support for offshore construction vessels, accommodation and ‘walk-to-work’ support for production platforms, and heavy lift services with sheerlegs for module integration. We also offer chartering of barges and pontoons for transport services and workstations.

Maximizing construction and operational efficiency

Our offshore support services ensure the efficient delivery, construction and operation of your offshore production facility, or onshore plant or terminal. Our ability to provide fully-integrated solutions results in clear benefits to our clients - construction and operational optimization, with resultant cost savings.

Integrate our offshore support services with our full range of offshore and marine solutions for cost-effective construction and operational efficiency.

AHT support

Boskalis operates a versatile fleet of 70 – 205 tons bollard pull anchor handling tugs (AHTs) and offshore support vessels to assist with a variety of offshore and inshore operations, such as tug and barge towage services, station keeping and mooring installation, and oceangoing transport services.

Our AHTs

Walk-to-work facilities

With the Ampelmann system installed on the offshore support vessel Smit Nicobar, Boskalis provides fully motion-compensated ship-to-ship personnel transfers. This system enables both accommodation and walk-to-work support for extended FPSO maintenance campaigns. The system is capable of compensating sea states in excess of 4 meters significant wave height. This ensures safe, efficient and reliable transfers of offshore personnel to fixed and floating facilities.

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Heavy lift support

Boskalis operates a versatile fleet of self-propelled sheerlegs, with a lifting capacity of between 800 and 5,000 tons, to assist with a variety of heavy lifting operations, such as module integration for floating offshore production structures, installation of infrastructure in ports, and the removal of obsolete oil platforms and ship wrecks.

Our sheerlegs

Logistics support

With our versatile fleet of barges and pontoons we provide transport services for heavy and non-standard cargos. Our seagoing and river barges are often customized for the requirements of specific projects. Additional equipment, including ro-ro loading systems, is available to ensure an exact fit with the specific demands of a project.

Our fleet includes pontoons (ballastable and/or submersible), floating super pallets (based on the 'piggy back' technique), barges for transporting e.g. fuel storage tanks, timber and wreck parts, and offshore installation barges. Propulsion is provided by our pusher tugs and AHTs.

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Dry docking

With its fleet of semi-submersible heavy transport vessels, Boskalis is able to support quayside dry docking of offshore structures, such as semi-submersibles and jack-up rigs. Our services include float-on at the salvage location, transport to the nearest repair yard, repair and maintenance, return to and float-off in the field.

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Our offshore fleet

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