Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles (previously VBMS) specializes in subsea power cable installation, Balance of Plant maintenance for the renewable market, and installation of interconnectors.

Our clients expect the best – so that is what we deliver, every time. As a total solutions provider, we have developed a reputation for having fewer interfaces. This allows us to remain focused on our client's needs. As a result, our highly skilled team delivers quality output that enhances effectiveness and reduces risks. Whatever your project may be, Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles (previously VBMS) is proud to deliver on time and within budget.

Boskalis works proactively to offer an integrated package of solutions. We collaborate closely to understand each project's particular goals and objectives, eliminating time-consuming interfaces to increase overall efficiency. Our focus on quality balanced with cost effectiveness yields consistently high results, while our focus on safety reduces risks to your operations.

There is certainty in knowing you are with the best. Up to 2018, Boskalis laid over 1,300 inter-array cables and approximately 1,200 kilometers of export cables.

Our solutions

We have a highly successful track record as a leading contractor in subsea cable installation. Our clients rest assured that skilled teams are formed to handle the specific demands of their project. To this end, we use our own custom-built vessels and advanced tools to develop a fully integrated service offering, including but not limited to:

  • Cable burial solutions
  • Termination, testing and jointing
  • In-house engineering
  • Cable integrity solutions
  • Landfall construction/installation by HD or conventional methods
  • Cable shore landings
  • Survey and route design
  • Transport and storage of (spare) cables

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In-house engineering

In-house engineering

By choosing us, you're choosing to trust the industry's most skilled engineers. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to maintain consistent quality controls. This focus on quality helps to mitigate the inherent risks attached to any offshore project. It is our focus on expertise and quality that has given us a reputation for delivering solutions on time and within budget.

Cable burial solutions

Cable burial solutions

Subsea cables and pipelines laid on the seabed are constantly under the threat of damage. Anchoring vessels and fishing trawlers can destroy cables, which may lead to costly consequences. Boskalis is equipped to meet any specific burial requirements in various soil types and to depths where threats to your investment are significantly reduced. Our in-house trenching and burial equipment includes jet and mechanical trenchers, ploughs and boulder clearance tools suitable for deep and shallow water operations.

Our offer

  • Survey operations
  • Horizontal and vertical control
  • Pre-dredge/backfill survey
  • Intermediate survey
  • Post dredge/backfill survey
  • Trench backfilling

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