Our fleet of heavy lift vessels offer versatile transportation & installation solutions using a self-propelled vessel equipped with a crane with lifting capacities of 3,000 and 4,000 ton.

Heavy lifting vessels are typically used for transportation and installation of new-build oil and gas production platforms as well as jackets and monopiles for offshore wind turbines. They are also deployed for the decommissioning of offshore structures.

Bokalift 1

In 2017 Boskalis converted one of its semi-submersible heavy lift vessels into a DP-2 crane vessel, including a3,000 ton crane. The available deck space of 165m x 43m is unique in its sort. Due to its DP-2 capabilities there is no loss time for anchor spread deployment. The vessel can accommodate 150 persons and has a helicopter deck available for offshore transfers.

Bokalift 2

Similar to the successful Bokalift 1, Boskalis is converting an existing hull to create Bokalift 2, a DP2 crane vessel with a 4,000 ton revolving crane capable of lifting structures more than 100 meters high. The vessel will have 7,500 m2 of free deck space and will be able to accommodate 150 persons and will be added to the Boskalis fleet by end of 2021.

Bokalift 1 - capabilities

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