In our knowledge intensive industry, talented employees are crucial. We provide safe working conditions, and good personal development and career opportunities.


Safety is one of Boskalis' top priorities. Our working environment has a relatively high safety risk profile and we want our people and the people we work with to return safely from work every day. Our No Injuries No Accidents (NINA) safety behavior program helps us achieve this goal by embedding a safety culture throughout our organization. The number of incidents per 200,000 hours worked resulting in absence from work has dropped considerably by more than 90% in the last eight years.

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Talent management

Our efforts are focused on creating an inclusive workplace that supports and
stimulates employees to develop and grow so we can continue to offer innovative solutions. We aim to attract and retain talented professional by providing a safe and inspiring work environment in which each person is challenged to realize his or her full potential.

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Labor practices

We endorse the guidelines of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and offer fair employment and decent working conditions. Most of our employees are employed on a permanent basis. The majority of this core has been with us for many years, and staff turnover is low. On projects, our core staff are supplemented by employees drawn from a flexible talent pool.

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Sustainable employability

Supporting the continued employability of our employees is an important issue for our business and our employees. We do so by helping to enhance staff skills for the future and by looking at ways to keep people healthy, safe and motivated through to their retirement. We aim to create an environment in which people
stay committed and connected.

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Diversity in the workplace

Boskalis employs staff from 68 different nationalities with a balanced age profile. Almost 74% of our employees are under 50, with over half being in the 30-50 age category. We employ a relatively large number of men and relatively few part-time staff. The ratios of men to women and of full-time to part-time staff at Boskalis are consistent with the nature of our work. Boskalis operates a strict equal opportunities policy for all employees, regardless of race, nationality, ethnic background, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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At Boskalis, we are always looking for ways to embed our commitment to sustainability into the concrete projects we implement around the world. This starts with our employees, who develop innovative ideas on a daily basis. We recently set out to spread the word internally about our sustainability initiatives and gather employee feedback on how we make CSR-related decisions.

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