Boskalis’ principal strategic objective is aimed at a healthy balance between long-term profitability and our social and environmental responsibility. The reasonable expectations and interests of our stakeholders a key reference point in establishing our CSR strategy.

Business model

With our value creation model we connect our CSR material themes to our long-term macro drivers, input, business model and output and show what our impact is in our value chain.

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Our corporate strategy and the dialogue with our stakeholders have resulted in our CSR strategy. Based on the dialogue with our stakeholders in 2017 we have updated our materiality matrix to gain insight into the relevance and importance of CSR themes for the company on the one hand and the stakeholders on the other.

Read more in our CSR report

Managing our material themes

To manage our material themes we have formulated objectives and identified the associated opportunities and risks or dilemmas. We defined key performance indicators to measure our performance.

Read more in our CSR report

More about creating long-term value

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