Boskalis aims to be a market leader in the provision of environmentally sustainable solutions for our markets, and where possible to prevent and mitigate (potentially) adverse environmental impacts. Boskalis is renowned for its environmental engineering expertise based on the Building with Nature philosophy. We offer sustainable designs and solutions for dredging work, offshore services and infrastructure works, particularly in remote and sensitive locations.

Biodiversity and ecosystems

In designing a project we take the dynamics of the natural environment as our starting point. We preserve or reinforce biodiversity and ecosystems, taking the interests of all stakeholders into account. Furthermore, we ensure that project execution fully complies with the requirements of local environmental regulations.

Find out more in our CSR report 2015

Activities related to climate change

Through our coastal defense and riverbank protection activities, we are able to help countries to adapt to the consequences of climate change. Find out how Boskalis is boosting Dutch flood defenses in our magazine (case study highlights below). We also transport, install and service offshore wind farms, contributing to increased availability of renewable energy.

Find out more in our CSR report 2015

Use of natural resources

Sand is an important natural resource. When deepening waterways and ports, our aim is to re-use as much of the sand as possible for land reclamation. Thanks to innovations and research we are now able to re-use previously unusable sand and sediment. Innovative building with silt as part of the Marker Wadden nature restoration project is a good example of this.

Find out more in our CSR report 2015


Our Taskforce Energy Management pools knowledge and best practices and promotes awareness on emission reduction within the organization.

Activities related to the fleet

Our new equipment complies with the most stringent requirements for energy consumption. We have implemented a variety of environmental measures, from energy saving to recycling.

Emissions and activities related to the fleet

Boskalis also contributes towards environmentally friendly solutions through innovations in equipment, working methods, energy saving and fuels. See the case study highlights below for more about our biofuel pilot program, recycling solutions, and sustainable ship dismantling.

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