Safety is a core value and a top priority at our company. With the objective of No Injuries No Accidents (NINA), which is also the name of our safety program, we want our employees to return from work safely each day.

Since the implementation of NINA six years ago safety awareness at Boskalis has increased significantly and, more importantly, has resulted in a decline of the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) by more than 85% during this period. NINA has become an inextricable part of our culture and generates a lot of positive energy throughout the company. Our clients increasingly see NINA as best practice, and our project partners enthusiastically participate in our interactive NINA training courses.

NINA holds people personally responsible for their own safety and creates an environment in which safety can be discussed openly. The NINA values and rules make it clear what we stand for. NINA is not just about procedures, it promotes ownership and creates a safety-driven mindset. Five short and clearly worded values with five supporting rules provide the framework and help us achieve our objective: no injuries and no accidents.

NINA safety statement: values and rules

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