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Boskalis Hirdes

As an innovative hydraulic construction company, we are active nationally and internationally in the areas of hydraulic construction, coastal protection, land reclamation and ordnance clearance, both onshore and offshore. With our experts, vessels and services, we offer a unique combination, which guarantees the maximum safety and sustainability standards.

Company profile

Heinrich Hirdes was a pioneer in German hydraulic construction and founded his company in 1912 with a focus on hydraulic construction and dredging. In the 1950s, it expanded to include coastal protection, shipping channel development and maintenance on the coast and land reclamation. The pioneering spirit and passion for these specific engineering areas are still a part of the corporate culture. Alongside efficiency and quality, even today the subjects of sustainability, safety and environmental protection drive our actions and the further development of technology and processes. Even the specific demands in sensitive areas, such as conservation areas and national parks are always fulfilled by us when realising projects.

Heinrich Hirdes GmbH has belonged to Boskalis Group since 1991, a globally leading maritime services provider for dredging work and infrastructure, offshore services for oil, gas, as well as renewable energies and salvage work. Different specialist providers from the above service areas combine in the Boskalis Group and supplement each other with technical knowledge, experts and specialist technology. In the Boskalis Group we share our commitment to quality, sustainability, environmental protection and expand our spectrum of knowledge and technology. For this reason, we are also proud to carry the name Boskalis HIRDES, under which we combine the three business divisions of Heinrich Hirdes:



Boskalis Hirdes falls under the Boskalis Corporate Social Responsibility policies:

The Boskalis Group takes its social responsibility seriously. Key areas with shared values are defined across the Group. Each member of the Group has signed up to these shared values and complements them with their own values and policies. Sustainability as the higher-ranking subject and thus the most important social responsibility, is the focus for everyone.

Being sustainable is a concern for us both internally and externally. We feel obliged to create an economic value and simultaneously to consider the social requirements and challenges. We strive to make our contribution to the current topics of energy revolution, adjustments to climate change and protection of the marine ecosystems and to drive these forward with shared values. At the same time, we strive to strengthen our business in order to offer our employees long-term, secure jobs.


Heinrich Hirdes GmbH

Heinrich Hirdes GmbH is responsible for the entire area of dredging and hydraulic construction, including coastal protection and environmental engineering. With locations in Hamburg, Bremen and Rostock we are represented along the entire German coast and are always close to our customers.


Heinrich Hirdes Kampfmittelräumung GmbH

As a hydraulic construction company, we recognised the danger of legacy ordnance early on and built up our expertise in this area. Because of the increasing demand for sounding and salvaging ordnance as well as because of the experience gained since 1978 in this area, we founded Heinrich Hirdes Kampfmittelräumung GmbH as an independent company. Ordnance experts, analysts, safety experts, planners and specialist administrative experts are ready at the locations in Hamburg and Teltow for deployment throughout Germany.


Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH

The conditions for locating and recovering ordnance in the coastal area or onshore differ strongly from those on the high seas. What was originally considered to be a separate group of experts lead to the founding in 2012 of the independent Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH, which deals specifically with locating and recovering ordnance on the seabed. Our locations are in Hamburg and Fareham (UK) – the deployment locations around the world.

Our activities

Boskalis Hirdes offers the following activities.


Boskalis Nederland

Pondweg 1
2153 PK

Boskalis Nederland

Rosmolenweg 2
3356 LK

Postbus 76
3350 AB

Boskalis International B.V.

Rosmolenweg 20
3356 LK
PO Box 43
3350 AA

Boskalis Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

240 Block 6, Laman Seri Business Park
No. 7 Persiaran Sukan, Seksyen 13
Shah Alam

Boskalis Offshore Marine Services

Av. Atlântica, 1130 (14th floor –part A)
RJ 22021-000
Rio de Janeiro

Dredging & Contracting Belgium N.V.

Terhulpensesteenweg 447


Visitor's address

Rosmolenweg 20
3356 LK

Postal address

PO Box 43
3350 AA


Heinrich Hirdes Kampfmittelräumung GmbH

Heinrich Hirdes EOD Services GmbH

More about Boskalis

About us

Boskalis overview - who we are, what we do and what sets us apart.


Our activities include dredging, offshore contracting, and marine services. In the Netherlands we also operate as contractor for dry infrastructure projects.


Boskalis operates in the ports, offshore energy and infrastructure markets. These markets anticipate structural growth over the longer term as a result of several key global trends.

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