The internal risk management and control systems of Boskalis are based on the principles of effective management supervision at various levels in the organization and are tailored to the day-to-day working environment in which the company operates worldwide.

One of the main foundations for risk management is the internal culture of the company, which is characterized by a high degree of transparency regarding the timely identification, evaluation and reporting of risks and a remuneration system that is geared to avoiding potentially perverse incentives. In addition to the specific risk mitigation measures mentioned above, our internal risk management and control systems include the following main components:

  • In the daily operations, the operational risk management and control is largely supported by a comprehensive system of quality assurance rules, procedures and systems, particularly regarding the acquisition and execution of projects (the aforementioned Boskalis Way of Working).
  • In addition to audits by external certification bodies, Boskalis also performs regular internal audits under the auspices of the SHE-Q department to review the design and operational effectiveness of this system. SHE-Q is discussed at quarterly meetings between the Board of Management and the management of the business units, with the management of the SHE-Q department also participating.
  • The daily management of the organization is based on short lines of communication and command. Speed, know-how and decisiveness are of the essence, both in the tendering phase and in project execution. Daily management is hands-on.
  • The progress and development of the operating results and the financial position of individual projects and business units and the Company as a whole, as well as the operational and financial risks, are monitored by means of structured periodical reporting, analysis of the financial results and performance reviews at Board of Management and senior management levels.

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