Compliance with legislation and regulations

As an international dredging and marine contracting and services expert, Boskalis is active in numerous countries, and therefore must deal with a wide range of diverse legislation and regulations. Some of the activities are managed by Boskalis local management, but in many countries intermediaries and/or local representatives are used in securing and executing projects. This combination of factors results in a heightened risk that relevant (local) legislation and regulations may not be fully complied with. Events of non-compliance can result in regulatory investigations, litigations and/or sanctions. These risks are as much as possible mitigated by the company’s internal risk management and control systems that include the Boskalis Code of Conduct as well as the Supplier Code of Conduct, which are reviewed and evaluated regularly. Intermediaries and/or local representatives are also contractually bound to comply with our codes of conduct. Entering into contracts with local intermediaries and/or representatives is subject to clearly defined procedures, including background checks. Furthermore, Boskalis has a Speak Up Policy in place and a confidential independent counselor to whom employees can report any suspected misconduct.

Property damage and third-party liabilities

Boskalis has taken out a broad package of insurances to cover against risks with respect to damage to its properties as well as third-party properties and potential other third-party liabilities.

Selected sustainability publications

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