Boskalis aims for transparent communications and therefore we provide detailed, clear and timely information to existing and potential shareholders, financial analysts and the media. We also operate an open-door policy with regard to enquiries.

We consider it important that the valuation of our shares reflects our performance and developments in our markets as accurately as possible. This is why we provide regular updates on financial results, new projects, supply and demand in our markets, shifts in market prices and margins, our fleet investment program and risk management.

Boskalis publishes both an annual report and semi-annual results. We also keep our stakeholders informed through press releases.

In order to build long-term relationships with investors we have an extensive roadshow program mainly targeting western Europe, the US and Canada. We also keep a comprehensive database of contact details to enable us to provide investors with the information most relevant to them.

Boskalis is covered by all the major Dutch brokers. We are in constant contact with their analysts, who play a key role in distributing information to their clients about the markets in which Boskalis operates. There are current research reports on Boskalis available from various brokers.

We conduct a dialog with investors and analysts using publicly available presentations during which only publicly available price-sensitive information is discussed.

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