We strive to inform our stakeholders as completely as possible and to provide insight into the strategic direction and performance of the company. These efforts should allow for an accurate valuation of the Boskalis share over time.

We value the provision of clear, transparent, accurate and timely information to our stakeholders highly. We consider our financial stakeholders to include existing and potential shareholders, other investors, banks and brokers as well as the media. Relevant information is equally and simultaneously provided to all interested parties and is made available through annual, semi-annual and quarterly updates, press releases, presentations to investors and this website.

To build and maintain long-term relationships with our stakeholders we organize roadshows, attend conferences and accommodate meeting requests and conference calls, while adhering to all legal disclosure regulations and obligations. Bilateral meetings and conference calls with analysts and existing or potential shareholders are not held during ‘closed periods’.

Open dialogue

Following the publication of the annual and half-year results, we host comprehensive plenary analyst meetings which are also made available through a webcast. Following important announcements, we also contact shareholders proactively and we maintain regular contact with major investors and analysts.

Boskalis is covered by all the major Dutch brokers. We are in constant contact with their analysts, who play a key role in distributing information to their clients about the markets in which Boskalis operates. There are current research reports on Boskalis available from various brokers.

Contract disclosure

When Boskalis announces awarded contracts by means of a press release, an attempt is made to provide an indication of the substance and size of the contract. A qualitative indication of the contract value may be applied, whereby for Boskalis:

  • ‘a contract’, refers to a contract with a value less than EUR 50 million,
  • a ‘sizable’ contract (Dutch translation: ‘omvangrijk’), refers to a contract with a value of EUR 50-150 million,
  • a ‘substantial’ contract (Dutch translation: ‘substantieel’), refers to a contract with a value of EUR 150-300 million, and
  • a ‘large’ contract (Dutch translation: ‘groot’), refers to a contract with a value of more than EUR 300 million.

These qualitative descriptions and bandwidths were introduced by Boskalis on 21 October 2019.

Selected financial publications and presentations

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