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Oil and gas

Safe ocean transport and on-time delivery is of the essence when it comes to moving offshore drilling rigs from one location to another around the world. Boskalis delivers a full range of transport and maritime services using in-house transport engineering and project management capabilities, with its own fleet.

Offshore drilling rigs

We can relocate your offshore drilling rig to anywhere in the world thanks to the sheer size and versatility of our fleet of our semi-submersible, heavy marine transport vessels and oceangoing tugs. Our anchor handling tugs (AHTs) can provide solutions for short distance towage and mooring and hook-up services for semi-submersible drilling rigs.

Regardless of the size and features of your rig, we offer the most flexible and effective transport solution in the industry.

Ensuring safe and reliable offshore operations

The safe and reliable operation of your offshore drilling facility is essential. We provide subsea survey services and underwater inspection in lieu of dry-docking (UWILD) with our diving and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). We also provide a unique dry-docking solution with our semi-submersible heavy lift vessels. Our sheerlegs can assist with rig modifications.

Our offshore drilling rig solutions


Dry transport

With our semi-submersible fleet of heavy marine transport vessels.


Ocean towage

Our oceangoing tugs deliver offshore drilling rigs around the world.


Short distance towage

With our anchor handling tugs.


Subsea IRM and UWILD

With our diving support vessels and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).



We provide a unique dry-docking solution with our semi-submersible heavy transport vessels.

Our offshore fleet

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More solutions for the offshore energy market

Oil and gas production - shallow water

Boskalis provides transport and installation of fixed offshore production structure.

Oil and gas production - deep water

Boskalis has a proven track record transporting and installing floating oil and gas structures.

Oil and gas refining and processing

Boskalis provides solutions for onshore oil and gas processing plants and terminal developments.

Renewable energy

Boskalis transports, installs and services offshore wind farms.