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production structures

Boskalis provides a full range of offshore marine services for the transport and installation of floating production, storage & offloading units (FPSOs and FPUs) in deep water. This includes load-out from fabrication site, transport to the field (via dry transport or ocean towage), heading control and positioning, installation, and mooring installation and hook-up of risers and turrets. We also offer a variety of subsea inspection services to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your offshore facility.

Deep water – Floating production structures

Transport and installation (T&I) of floating offshore production structures often presents challenges due to their dimensions and complexity, as well as the planning and scheduling. Installation is often the critical stage in the realization of a project.

We have a long-standing, reliable track record delivering a complete range of T&I services.

Thanks to our semi-submersible heavy marine transport vessels, ocean going tugs and AHTs, sheerlegs, barges, fallpipe, construction and diving support vessels, we can provide fully integrated T&I solutions for floating offshore platforms and units. These include semis, spars, tension leg platforms (TLPs), floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units, and floating platforms for the production and processing of liquefied natural gas (FLNGs).

A safe and reliable operation of your offshore production facility is essential. With our diving support vessels we offer UWILD, hook-up, and subsea inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) services by diving and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). We have an in-house department dedicated to IRM. With our semi-submersible heavy transport vessels we can offer dry-docking of FPUs. We can also carry out light construction work and provide marine support to construction vessels.

Our solutions for floating production structures


Dry transport

With our fleet of semi-submersible heavy transport vessels.


Ocean towage

Our oceangoing tugs transport offshore structures around the world.


Mooring installation, station keeping and hook-up services


Riser and turret installation of FPSOs / FLNGs


Marine support of construction vessels




Installation of modules


UWILD, subsea IRM and light construction work

Our offshore fleet

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our offshore fleet.

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