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Oil and gas refining and processing

Boskalis has an unrivaled track record providing innovative solutions for the development of onshore oil and gas processing plants and terminals. We optimize port and facility construction phases, ensuring the timely delivery of modules from fabrication yards to the offloading facility. We also have extensive experience with sea to shore landfall construction, trenching for offshore pipelines, land reclamation and breakwater construction. Once your facility is operational, we offer reliable (long-term) terminal and towage services through Smit Lamnalco.

Onshore plants and terminals

The complexity and size of port construction and material offloading facility (MOF) development projects mean that numerous disciplines and contractors are involved. In addition, the time-consuming nature of the design and planning phases mean that the construction phase often becomes time-critical.

We add value by developing innovative, best-for-project solutions and by optimizing the port construction and development process through (parallel) design, permitting and execution.

We plan, manage and execute the transport of modules from multiple fabrication yards to the MOF under one contract. Our clients benefit from the certainty of dedicated project vessels thanks to our full breadth of heavy marine transport assets, ranging from our semi-submersible heavy transport vessels to the Giant barges. Our turnkey logistical management solution supports your project by providing schedule certainty, flexibility and continuous optimization of the module transportation with a single interface.

Our solutions for onshore plants and terminals


Logistical management of onshore modules

Schedule certainty, flexibility and continuous optimization of the module transportation.


Land reclamation and port construction

We optimize port construction and have over 100 years’ experience in land reclamation.


Landfall construction and trenching for pipelines

A long track record in sea to shore landfall construction, trenching for offshore pipelines.


Terminal services

Reliable terminal and towage services for oil and LNG carriers with Smit Lamnalco.

Our offshore fleet

Find out more about the offshore fleet.

More solutions for the offshore energy market

Oil and gas exploration

Safe ocean transport and on-time delivery of offshore drilling rigs worldwide.

Oil and gas production - shallow water

Boskalis provides transport and installation of fixed offshore production structure.

Oil and gas production - deep water

Boskalis has a proven track record transporting and installing floating oil and gas structures.

Renewable energy

Boskalis transports, installs and services offshore wind farms.