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Renewable energy

Boskalis has a successful track record transporting and installing offshore wind farms. We prepare the seabed and find and remove unexploded ordnance before installing foundations and converter stations. We take on the procurement of foundations, manage the logistical process from the fabrication yard through to the installation out at sea. Ballasting and scour protection protect your investments and we make the infield and export cable-laying connections getting things online. Once operational, we offer long-term subsea inspection, repair and maintenance services (IRM) and can provide light construction work.

Offshore wind farms

The planning, transport and installation of offshore wind farms can be challenging due to harsh environmental conditions, varying soil profilesand scheduling risks. In addition, it tends to involve numerous disciplines, contractors and suppliers.
With our successful track record of installing offshore wind farms in Northwest Europe you can rely on our commitment to safe, efficient and reliable operations.

Boskalis develops cost-effective project solutions by aligning our in-house environmental and geotechnical knowledge, marine engineering capabilities, project management and procurement expertise. Combined with our cable-laying capabilities, we can offer turnkey solutions. Our versatile fleet of vessels and our fleet management capabilities enable us to select the most effective installation spreads, bringing transport and installation (T&I) activities well within project timelines and budgets.

Our offshore wind solutions

Bringing power to shore

Connecting offshore wind farms in the North Sea to
the Dutch power grid

Our offshore fleet

Find out more about our fleet.

More solutions for the offshore energy market

Oil and gas exploration

Safe ocean transport and on-time delivery of offshore drilling rigs worldwide.

Oil and gas production - deep water

Boskalis has a proven track record transporting and installing floating oil and gas structures.

Oil and gas production - shallow water

Boskalis provides transport and installation of fixed offshore production structure.

Oil and gas refining and processing

Boskalis provides solutions for onshore oil and gas processing plants and terminal developments.