Our projects can have an impact on local communities and the environment at any time during the project cycle. Boskalis promotes prosperity, invests in local communities and prevents and mitigates adverse social and environmental impacts, as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy. Maintaining and optimizing our social license to operate is essential to Boskalis’ business activities and the long-term creation of shared value.

Environmental and social impact assessments

Boskalis seeks to prevent potential adverse social and environmental impacts arising from our activities and services, and otherwise to mitigate or remedy them. We endorse the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises on responsible business conduct.

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Local workers and suppliers

We aim to hire as many local workers as possible on projects, and offer fair employment and decent working conditions. In addition, we purchase goods and services from local suppliers wherever possible.

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Community investment programs

We seek community engagement and actively involve local residents and governments in both our plans and their execution. Our local project and office staff develop community investment programs that are supported by Boskalis’ management. One ongoing example is the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour, an initiative of NGO North Sea Foundation, to raise awareness of plastic soup. Boskalis has been the main sponsor since 2013.

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More about our impact

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