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Energy Transition

Working to advance the energy transition will help facilitate the move to renewable energy sources, whilst creating value for our clients and our business.

At Boskalis we facilitate the development of energy infrastructure and contribute to the global goal to enable access to affordable, reliable and clean energy for all. We are part of the energy transition, driven by the need to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions to limit climate change, as set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. We see our role both in terms of our approach to our own energy consumption and innovation for renewable fuels, as well as through the delivery of services to the renewable energy sector, in particular in the area of offshore wind farms.  

Strengthening our contribution  

This element of our business contributes towards the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 7 (affordable and clean energy) and Goal 13 (climate action). Looking forward, we want to continue to strengthen this contribution and to play an active role in advancing the energy transition and helping deliver the energy infrastructure that society needs while enhancing the competitiveness of our company. We therefore aim to expand and strengthen our market position, capabilities and service offering in renewable energy services to ensure we can serve a wider range of clients and geographies to support the energy transition through profitable projects.   

In addition, we want to work to support our clients in the sector to deliver increasingly sustainable projects. We will do this through our own efforts and by further incorporating sustainable solutions into our commercial offerings in renewables.


Our framework

To support the delivery of our sustainability strategy, we have identified high level ambitions, defined the scope of our activity and established targets to measure our progress. These are presented in a framework and are comprised of both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Find out more in our Sustainability Report.

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