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Salvage and marine ecosystem protection

The importance of our salvage operations from a sustainability perspective is gaining external recognition. Through our work to salvage vessels, we help protect economic value and avert environmental damage.

Boskalis provides services relating to marine salvage and wreck removal. We assist vessels in distress and are able to spring into action at anytime and anywhere in the world. We can do so by operating out of four locations which are strategically situated along the main international shipping routes: Houston, Cape Town, Rotterdam and Singapore. The removal of shipwrecks or damaged offshore platforms almost always takes place at locations where the wreck forms an obstruction to traffic or presents an environmental hazard. We have the advanced technology and expertise needed to remove hazardous substances such as heavy fuel oil from wrecks and boast a successful track record in salvaging vessels and platforms under challenging circumstances.   

Strengthening our contribution  

Our salvage operations contribute towards the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 14 (life below water). Delivering on Goal 14 requires the prevention and reduction of marine pollution of all kinds. Over the last 5 years, our salvage operations has prevented significant amounts of pollutants from entering the marine environment. Our taim is to prevent any oil (products), pollutants and hazardous cargo from the vessels we salvage from entering into marine ecosystems.


Our framework

To support delivery of our sustainability strategy, we have identified high level ambitions, defined the scope of our activity and established targets to measure our progress. These are presented in a framework and are comprised of both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Find out more in our Sustainability Report.

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