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Employee and talent development

We work in challenging locations on complex, technical and demanding projects. We rely on our team of dedicated, experienced professionals to achieve our ambitions. That is why we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that challenges and inspires our employees to build their careers and achieve their potential with Boskalis.

Recruitment, retention and development of excellent staff is considered one of the main elements of our sustainability strategy and corporate business plan. We continue to intensify the development and implementation of initiatives and tools to source the right talent from the international labor market as well as to monitor, develop and steer internal talent and improve internal mobility. We continuously refresh and optimize our HR-processes around performance management, leadership- and talent development, knowledge sharing and employee engagement. 

Retaining talented individuals within Boskalis is just as important as attracting them. We undertake a number of initiatives designed to engage our staff, ranging from enhancing our crew training to running successful programs such as the Boskalis Leadership Development Program, the Financial Professional Program and our Innovation Wave Jump Program. 

Sustainable Employability
Supporting the continued employability of our employees is an important issue for our business and our employees. We do so by helping to enhance staff skills for the future and by looking at ways to keep people healthy, safe and motivated through to their retirement. We aim to create an environment in which people stay committed and connected. 

More about our focus areas

Climate change

Climate change and its consequences are increasingly urgent topics for society and our sector to address.

Biodiversity and ecosystems

It is our aim to lead the industry in developing nature-based solutions to protect and enhance coastal ecosystems. We see partnerships and collaboration as the backbone of our approach to help achieve this ambition.

Local community and development

Engaging with and managing our impact on local communities is an increasingly important part of our work.


Safety is a core value and a top priority at our company. Our safety program NINA embeds the desired safety culture in our organization and makes safety a fully integrated part of working behavior.