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Innovation and partnerships

We recognize that our sustainability ambitions involve addressing complex and often cross-sector challenges and that we cannot achieve these ambitions working alone. Innovation, collaboration and partnerships are therefore essential elements underpinning our strategy to help us on our sustainability journey.



Internally, we have a well-developed research and development organization with a strong focus on developing innovations in which sustainability is an integral part. Some examples of our work in innovation and research include:


Partnerships and collaborations

We collaborate with a wide range of partners to share knowledge and build our own organizational capacity so we can better manage our sustainability opportunities and risks. We take an active role in industry-wide efforts to improve the way our sector addresses common sustainability issues. Some examples include:


EU Platform on Sustainable Finance

Boskalis takes an active role in the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance that was established this year as one of the initiatives within the EU Green Deal. Our Head of Public Affairs is appointed as a member the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance, facilitated by her role as Boskalis representative in the European Dredging Association (EuDA). Topics related to the European Green Deal were the main focus of our activities within EuDA in 2020.

The EU Platform on Sustainable Finance is an advisory body for the European Commission. One of its main tasks is to produce and agree on a so-called ‘Green Taxonomy,’ or EU Taxonomy, a classification system for sustainable economic activities. When finalized, the European Commission will draw up legislation based on this taxonomy and applicable across the EU.

Cross industry collaboration

A member of our Board of Management currently chairs the Executive Board of NABU, the Netherlands Association of International Contractors, where we are involved in processes related to Dutch policy around responsible business conduct. One of the topics currently being addressed is responsible business conduct in an international perspective.

Another organization where we play an active role is VNO-NCW, the employer federation of the Netherlands; sustainability and responsible business conduct topics are on the agenda of several committees we participate in. We are also represented at the Vereniging voor Waterbouwers, the Dutch association for the maritime industry. This organization, active in climate-related topics as they relate to the Netherlands, acts as a knowledge sharing platform on topics such as emission reduction among fleets, biodiversity and the Building with Nature (BwN) approach.

Participation in platforms

In February 2020 we joined the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) and the Central Dredging Association (CEDA) for a workshop in Zurich, to discuss the concepts and challenges involved in financing sustainable maritime infrastructure projects with representatives from major international financial and insurance institutes.

  • Through our participation in the EcoShape consortium, which promotes a Building With Nature (BWN) approach to coastal protection, we are engaging with financiers and policymakers to accelerate and scale up sustainable and nature-based solutions.
  • As sole dredging contractor, we participate in a new working group of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) to explore funding for nature-based solutions in the port and waterway infrastructure.

Innovations for sustainability

What drives Boskalis to develop innovations
focusing on sustainability and ecology?

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