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Irish Dredging

As Ireland’s leading dredging contractor we offer a unique combination of experts, vessels and services. We deliver optimum performance and cost efficiency on all of our projects, maintaining the highest safety and sustainability standards.

Company profile

Founded in 1976, we are the most experienced and established dredging company in Ireland. We operate across all sectors of the Irish dredging market including maintaining and developing the nation’s ports, providing services and materials to the country’s flood protection, reclamation schemes and specialist services to the oil, gas and water industries. As a subsidiary of Boskalis, a leading global dredging and offshore contractor and maritime services provider, we have access to technological support and resources through other group subsidiaries including UK based Boskalis Westminster Ltd.


Maintenance Dredging

Throughout its history Irish Dredging has maintained the nation’s ports and waterways, with our vast experience ensuring our unrivalled knowledge of local conditions. Our long term maintenance contracts with a number of major ports allow us to minimise mobilisation times and costs, giving the ability to be flexible in programming and planning.

We are able to work under a variety of contractual arrangements ranging from charter agreements through to the full responsibility for survey monitoring, dredge planning and management and obtaining licences from regulators.


Capital Dredging

As a leading player in the Irish dredging market our activities include the design, construction and dredging of ports and harbours including approach channels, turning basins, berths pockets and breakwater construction. We can assist from the pre-design phase, where we can help determine the feasibility of the proposal, through to the design phase, where we can use our global resources and expertise to help create a solution tailored to your requirements.


Coastal Engineering

With the support of other members of the Boskalis group we deliver Coastal Engineering projects in the field of coastal defence and riverbank protection. We design, construct and maintain sea defences, including beach and near-shore replenishment. Our large, flexible dredging fleet and unrivalled access to material winning areas means that we have the equipment, technical expertise and material to provide our clients with appropriate and innovative solutions.


Land Reclamation

With the support of other members of the Boskalis group, Irish Dredging is an expert in sustainable and cost-competitive land reclamation. We use various techniques to reclaim land and protect shorelines using our state-of-the-art of fleet of dredging vessels and specialised equipment.

Our Activities

Irish Dredging operates in all sectors of the Irish and UK dredging and marine construction market, providing innovative and competitive solutions.


Our Fleet and Equipment

Our fleet of dredgers and support equipment is, for the most part, based in Ireland or the UK, potentially minimising response times and mobilisation costs. We also have access to the full Royal Boskalis Westminster fleet of vessels, giving us the capability to undertake a wide range of projects.


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Irish Dredging

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