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Boskalis Environmental

Boskalis Environmental is a global leader in the large-scale treatment of soil, sediment, incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and mineral waste materials from sewers, drains, pumping stations and street sweepings. We design and manage the entire integral process, from excavation, transport, treatment, quality control, through to re-use and disposal of the various material outputs.

Company profile

Boskalis Environmental is involved in soil washing, the processing of dredged sediment, water and land remediation, resource reuse and depot management. We specialize in the large scale cleaning of contaminated soil and mineral waste. In doing so, we use techniques that we develop ourselves and installations that we design and build ourselves. We also handle the entire process, including inspection, planning, transport and marketing of the reusable output products.

Because we have our own technical service, engineering department and laboratory, we are able to execute complex projects in full: from preliminary evaluation, design and project management through to construction and operation of the necessary installation.

We work closely with Boskalis Netherlands and Boskalis International. Our products are used as building materials within Boskalis Netherlands (including Beaumix®). The Raw Materials Department handles the marketing and reuse in various infrastructure projects.


Contaminated sediment

Boskalis Environmental has worldwide experience in the execution of complex, remediation works, in both ports and rivers. This involves a combination of dredging with the processing, reuse and/or disposal of (contaminated) dredged material. We are experts in the field of separation sand from the sediment and dewatering of the fines. We have developed techniques and installations available for this purpose. Our goal is to recover as much reusable material as possible.


Depot management

Over the past decades, Boskalis Environmental has specialised in the operational management and maintenance of large dredging depots. These depots sometimes serve as temporary storage for dredged sediments before these sediments are possibly processed into building materials, or have a permanent character as a landfill.


Soil treatment

One of Boskalis Environmental's most important business activities is large-scale processing of contaminated soil and mineral waste. In doing so, we handle the entire process of acceptance, processing, various certifications, planning, transport and marketing of the various outputs. Processing with these plants is based on physical-chemical separation, where clean/reusable components are separated from contaminated components.


Treatment of process and wastewater

Closely related to our soil treatment processes, is our knowledge in the field of process and wastewater treatment.

An important step in processing of soil and dredged materials is removal of suspended solids from process water, to enable the reuse of this water. In principle, settling could be used, but due to the fineness of the particles combined with the large process water flow, accelerated settling using flocculation is necessary.


Incinerator Bottom Ash Treatment

After a period of research and development, Boskalis Environmental has successfully designed a process for treating incinerator bottom ash (IBA) to be used as unrestricted building material. In July 2016, the joint venture Wash (Boskalis Environmental and HVC) started operations in the world's first fully- integrated bottom ash processing plant in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

Bodemsanering Droog Bebording 1

Soil Remediation

Boskalis Environmental deals with complex soil remediation projects (particularly) in the Netherlands. We employ specialists who ensure that remediation work is carried out safely and in accordance with current regulations. If necessary, we can use mobile treatment plants to process contaminated soils on site.



Boskalis Environmental has its own laboratory that performs geotechnical and physical analysis, among other things. This laboratory is key, both for (further) developing its own processing techniques and for providing global quality control support to the Boskalis Group.


Cone Penetration Test

Boskalis Environmental' s laboratory is specialized in geotechnical analyses, soil testing and installation of geotechnical monitoring instruments on projects worldwide. To install the monitoring instruments, we use a Cone Penetration rig/unit, which is available on a truck or crawler basis.

Soil Washing Plant

Mobile Soil Washing Plant

The Mobile Soil Washing Plant (MSWP) is designed to process mineral waste materials. The washing plant process is based on a number of in line process steps, each to be considered as a separate plant module. Our Soil Washing equipment is focused on beneficial use of the output materials.


Polymer Dosing Unit

Boskalis Environmental has extensive experience with the use of polymers in their soil and sediment treatment plants. This experience is used for the development of the polymer dosing unit. The polymer dosing unit is easy to install and has a small footprint.

Our equipment

Boskalis Environmental offers the following equipment:

Video: our history

Given the growth of Boskalis Dolman, Stuyvesant Environmental Contracting LLC and Stuyvesant Projects Realization Inc activities in Europe and North America respectively, a strategic decision was made in 2017 to bring these three organizations under one new label: Boskalis Environmental. The name states the relationship with our parent company, Boskalis, and our core business, environmentally sound and sustainable solutions. In this video, we present the most important milestones in our history.


Our employees are the most important key to the success of Boskalis Environmental. The safety of the people who work for and with us is therefore the highest priority. In order to keep our working environment incident – and accident free, Boskalis has introduced the safety program NINA. Which stands for No Injuries, No Accidents and is a clear vision on safety.

Quality and sustainability
In addition, we are affiliated with the quality system WOW and we have a strong sustainability ambition. This means that we continuously work on reducing CO2 emissions, invest in innovative and sustainable equipment and train our people in responsible use of our equipment and energy efficient use on our installations.

Read more about the CO2 goals at the website of Boskalis Nederland (Dutch only): click here 

Boskalis Environmental has the necessary process – and product certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2015: Quality
  • ISO 14001: 2015: Environment
  • OHSAS 18001:2007: International standard for health and safety 
  • VCA 2008/5.1
  • CO2 Prestatieladder

To download these cerificates, you can scroll down to the download section below.


Boskalis Environmental B.V.

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Stuyvesant Environmental Contracting LLC

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United States of America

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