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The Romanian coast along the Black Sea is subject to erosion. Coastal erosion contributes to the loss of particularly valuable lands, loss which can affect coastal ecosystems and bring economic and social damage for such area. Therefore, Dobrogea Seaside Water Basin Administration (DSWBA), attached to the Romanian Waters National Administration (RWNA), define the Masterplan “Protection and Restoration of the Coastal Area”. The Mamaia area (Lot 2), is one of the 11 lots identified as part of the Reduction of Coastal Erosion Phase II (2014-2020) under this Master Plan.


The main objective of this project is to protect and rehabilitate the Romanian coastal zone and the environmental factors through engineering works of fighting the coastal erosion phenomenon, supporting the tendency of marine ecosystem revival and development of some species that, at a certain moment, were lost from the ecosystem, protecting marine biodiversity and littoral area, and sustainable development of coastal zone respectively.

The financing of the Works is arranged through the European Union Cohesion Fund – Large Infrastructure Operational Program (LIOP) 2014-2020.

Project scope:

  • Extension of RJ1 groin with 65 m
  • Sand nourishment of Mamaia beach over a stretch of 7 km.


The contract for the design and construct of the Mamaia beach (Lot 2) has been signed in September 2019. Since then Boskalis has focused on the design and permitting.

In October 2020 the construction permit has been issued by Constanta District Council.
Boskalis has assembled and launched the sinker line in the water, required for the nourishing operations.

Sand nourishing operations has started in November 2020 and extension of RJn1 to be finalized by end of November 2020.

Project figures:

- Beach length: 7 km
- Groin extension: 65 m

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