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Dredging & Inland infra

Dredging involves all activities required to remove silt, sand, and clay from the sea- or riverbed and reusing it, for coastal protection or land reclamation. We also provide the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, and coastal defense and riverbank protection.

Offshore energy

With its offshore contracting capabilities and services Boskalis supports the activities of the international energy sector, including oil and gas companies and providers of renewable energy such as wind power.


We provide assistance to incoming and outgoing oceangoing vessels in ports around the world through joint ventures with regional partners.


Through SMIT Salvage we provide services relating to marine salvage and wreck removal. SMIT Salvage provides assistance to vessels in distress and is able to spring into action at any time and anywhere in the world.

Our activities

With our expertise, multidisciplinary approach, versatile fleet and extensive experience in engineering and project management we have proven we are able to realize complex projects on time, safely and within budget.

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