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Through SMIT Salvage we provide emergency response, salvage and wreck removal services. The company has an unparalleled track record responding to ships in distress anywhere in the world from four strategic locations - Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore. The company also has extensive experience realizing a wide variety of demanding salvage and wreck removal projects – where, for example, wrecks threaten safe navigation or obstruct port access. In addition, SMIT’s salvage teams deliver a full range of environmental care services, such as the safe disposal of hazardous cargos and bunker fuels from ships that have run aground.


Wreck removal

SMIT’s salvage teams can call on the resources of the entire Boskalis group to complete wreck removal as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Emergency response

SMIT’s response centers in Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore provide a 24-hour link to customers, vessels, SMIT offices and agents around the world, guaranteeing an immediate response.


Environmental care

SMIT’s salvage teams have the expertise to deliver a full range of services from firefighting to deep water oil recovery, and the disposal of hazardous cargoes from grounded ships.


Track record SMIT Salvage

SMIT Salvage’s name is synonymous with total commitment to the challenging field of marine emergency response and wreck removal.

Especially when optimal care for the environment is a priority.

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Our fleet

SMIT’s salvage teams can call on
the Boskalis fleet to operate
as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

What sets us apart


Safe and sustainable

Our environmental expertise and innovative techniques ensure your full compliance with regulations.


Straightforward or complex

We tailor innovative, sustainable solutions to suit any situation.


A team built around your needs

SMIT Salvage has the resources to build a global team around the challenges you face.

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SMIT’s response centres in Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town and Singapore provide a 24-hour link to customers, vessels and agents.

Emergency response 24/7

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Through our strategic partnerships, we provide towage services in ports, and a full range of services for the operation of onshore and offshore terminals around the world.

Dredging & Inland Infra

Boskalis is a market leader in its core activity, dredging, and also delivers dry infrastructure projects in the Netherlands.

Offshore energy

Boskalis offers a unique range of offshore services to the international energy sector - oil, gas and renewables.