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Marine Services

Boskalis owns and operates a large and versatile fleet consisting of construction support vessels, anchor handling tugs, oceangoing tugs and semi-submersible barges. With our experienced team, we are able to deliver multidisciplinary services worldwide to accommodate client requirements: from chartering services to fully integrated solutions for the Transport & Installation (T&I) – and the disconnection – of floating production systems.

Our services include wet transport/towage solutions, anchor and mooring installation, and the positioning and hook-up of floating production units such as FPSO, FSU, FSRU and FLNG units, semi-subs, and SPARs. We also provide solutions for the disconnection and decommissioning of these units. We offer full in-house project management and engineering services to deliver tailor-made and cost-effective solutions for our clients, drawing on our global network and strong track record with years of experience in offshore marine services. 

Solutions Subsea Construction And Installation

Subsea construction and installation

Boskalis is proud to operate six construction support vessels (CSVs) with AHC cranes ranging from 30 to 400 tons. With Work-Class Remotely Operated Vehicles on board, these CSVs operate at multiple depths for the oil & gas industry and the renewables sector.

Solutions Semi Submersible Solutions

Semi-submersible solutions

Boskalis has two non-propelled semi-submersible barges for module transportation, float-overs, load-outs, float-offs, and the transportation of heavy equipment.

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Anchor handling

We operate a versatile fleet of anchor handling tugs with 70 – 200+ tons bollard pull, and offshore support vessels, for a variety of offshore and inshore operations such as tug and barge towage services, station keeping and mooring installation, and subsea activities.

Solutions Ocean Towage

Ocean towage

We provide worldwide ocean towage services for the most valuable objects afloat such as FPSO`s and semi-submersible production platforms. Our five ocean-towage tugs have over 200 tons of bollard pull, 4 main engines with a remarkable long fuel endurance. They are renowned for their unrivalled performance in long-distance towage.

Solutions Positioning

Positioning services

Our versatile fleet of ocean-towage tugs and anchor handling tug supply vessels extends our wet transport services with the safe and accurate positioning of the floating production units to ensure the safe hook-up of the mooring spread.

Solutions Floating Facilility Installation

Floating facility installation

We offer solutions for the installation and decommissioning of a variety of floating offshore facilities such as FPSOs, SPARs and floating wind farms. We work closely with our clients to find the right combination of assets and installation approaches, resulting in integrated and effective solutions.

Proven marine services solutions

Fleet Ocean Towage Tugs

Ocean towage tugs

Fleet Anchor Handling Tugs

Anchor handling tugs

Boka Northern Ocean 009

Construction support vessels

Fleet Semi Submersible Barges

Semi-submersible barges

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For marine services chartering related queries get in touch with our Commercial Director.

Contact Information

For marine services integrated solutions related queries get in touch with our Commercial Director.