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Hydronamic is Boskalis’ in-house engineering company, providing port and waterway engineering and project development expertise. The company’s experts specialize in hydraulics, morphology, hydrology, coastal and river engineering, port construction, environmental engineering and offshore technology. Hydronamic delivers top-quality tailor-made solutions and is certified under ISO 9001.

The preparation and execution of a construction project theoretical knowledge and a scientific approach, as well as practical experience and real-life construction insight. The link with Boskalis means that Hydronamic employees are often also closely involved in the execution of projects. They therefore not only have technical knowledge, but also a wealth of practical experience. This gives them a leading edge in the development of new techniques. Clients who do not use other Boskalis services can also benefit from this expertise.

Hydronamic offers a unique combination of thought and action.

Hydronamic’s fields of expertise

A think tank with around 40 engineers, Hydronamic’s experts conduct project development and research studies, design projects, and provide project execution support and training programs in the following disciplines.

  • Port and waterway engineering: Hydronamic employs mathematical models and computer manoeuvring simulations to identify critical points and provide solutions.
  • Coastal and shore protection works: Hydronamic has developed a range of tools for the prediction of coastline behavior and the design of coastal protection schemes.
  • Morphology and hydrology: Although not every natural flow of water should be tamed, better utilization for the benefit of nature and man is often possible.
  • Offshore technology: Hydronamic has a thorough understanding of dredging and trenching processes, and sea-bottom behavior, and has prepared cost-effective schemes, several having been adopted industry-wide.
  • Environment: Hydronamic ensures that projects take into account environmental considerations, through on-site investigations and the application of a wealth of knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Soil remediation: Hydronamic develops technical and commercial concepts for a range of new solutions.

Building with Nature

Boskalis proactively developed Building with
Nature to gain insight into the impact of hydraulic
engineering projects on ecosystems.