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Business principles & Policies

Boskalis is a responsible multinational enterprise. The areas where we can make the largest contribution, both to the world economy and sustainable development, are tied to our business, our people and our activities. We safeguard our business principles in our values, the Boskalis Code of Conduct, the Boskalis Supplier Code of Conduct and our policies.

At Boskalis we are committed to conduct our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. We do this in compliance with applicable international and national laws and the Boskalis Code of Conduct. The principles embodied in the Boskalis Code of Conduct are a fundamental part of the way we do business, and we promote the same principles in our relationships with clients, suppliers and other business partners.



Our people and their safety is the core of our success. Safety is the top priority in everything we do. Our behavioral safety program NINA targets No Injuries No Accidents to safeguard our colleagues and suppliers.



By working together we create new horizons. We approach our complex and specialist work with a collective mindset and the objective to excel. Collaboration within teams and cooperating with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders allows us to get the job done.



We strive to achieve the best results for the job without making promises we cannot deliver. With our expertise and experience in project management, operations and risk management we seek to deliver our projects safely, on time and within budget.



We offer innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions for our clients. With our strong business sense, we are forward thinking, exploring new ideas and opportunities. We take pride in creating new horizons.



We are committed to conduct our business with integrity, honesty and fairness. Integrity is a prerequisite for success and an important cornerstone of our reputation. The impact of our activities on society and the environment is a key element in the way we conduct our day-to-day business.

Our core values: our compass

We strive to be the leading dredging and marine contracting experts, creating new horizons for all our stakeholders. Our five core values guide us in achieving this mission.


Boskalis Code of Conduct

The Boskalis Code of Conduct takes account of the interests of our various stakeholders. They include employees, shareholders and financial institutions, suppliers, clients, government bodies, educational and knowledge institutes, industry and society associations (including NGOs) and the communities in which Boskalis operates. The responsibility for the Boskalis Code of Conduct and the compliance risks sits ultimately with the Board of Management.

Boskalis Code of Conduct

Boskalis Supplier Code of Conduct

Boskalis sets the same principles for our suppliers of goods and services as we do for ourselves and are based on our core values, our commitment to our people, our clients, our investors, the environment and communities where we work. It describes our way of working and behavior and has been designed to help you as our supplier to make the right decisions in your daily work to improve your performance towards Boskalis, build up trust with our stakeholders and safeguard our solid reputation.

Boskalis Supplier Code Of Conduct

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy (the “ABC Policy”) takes account of the interests of our various stakeholders.


Environmental and Social Policy


Grievance Policy


Human Rights and Labor Policy

Boskalis is committed to comply with the Human Rights and Labor standards. In the course of our business we treat everybody with dignity, respect and fairness. We seek to identify adverse impacts related to human rights and labor caused by our business activities before they occur and take appropriate steps to avoid, cease, minimize or mitigate them.


Sanctions Policy

Compliance with the Sanctions Laws is a fundamental part of the way we do business, and we promote the same principles in our relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners.


Speak up Policy


Tax Policy

We are responsible taxpayers. We manage our tax affairs accurately and transparently to the letter and the spirit of the applicable tax laws and regulations. Boskalis supports the OECD initiatives to promote tax transparency and reform of international tax regulations to end tax avoidance strategies and to come to fair tax systems.


Contract disclosure policy

When Boskalis announces awarded contracts by means of a press release, an attempt is made to provide an indication of the substance and size of the contract. A qualitative indication of the contract value may be applied, whereby for Boskalis:

‘a contract’, refers to a contract with a value less than EUR 50 million,
a ‘sizable’ contract (Dutch translation: ‘omvangrijk’), refers to a contract with a value of EUR 50-150 million,
a ‘substantial’ contract (Dutch translation: ‘substantieel’), refers to a contract with a value of EUR 150-300 million, and,
a ‘large’ contract (Dutch translation: ‘groot’), refers to a contract with a value of more than EUR 300 million.

These qualitative descriptions and bandwidths were introduced by Boskalis on 21 October 2019.

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