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Advance the energy transition

We facilitate the energy transition by developing infrastructure to deliver affordable and clean energy. This includes our offshore wind energy projects and all our offshore platform decommissioning activities.

Affordable and clean energy

Access to lower-carbon energy is considered a global imperative for sustained socio-economic development and to limit climate change. As part of our core business, we deliver a broad range of services that are crucial to developing renewable energy sources while maintaining sufficient energy supply. We facilitate the delivery of low-carbon solutions such as wind energy and are one of the leading players in the offshore wind market. We have a strong and successful track record in transporting and installing offshore wind farms, mainly relating to foundations and cables.

Decommissioning within oil and gas industry

In addition to our facilitating activities in the renewables industry, our decommissioning expertise helps reduce the environmental footprint of the offshore oil and gas industry, ranging from preparation and removal of offshore platforms to onshore disposal and recycling. At Boskalis we see that a transition to cleaner energy is driving growth in renewables, but the growing demand for energy means that the dependence on fossil fuels is expected to continue in the short to mid-term. We foresee that natural gas in particular, with its lower carbon intensity, will serve as an important transition fuel and thereby Boskalis has an important role to play by providing our services as part of the energy transition.

Strengthening our contribution

This element of our business contributes towards the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy). Looking forward we want to expand and strengthen our capabilities and service offering in renewable energy to support a wider range of clients and geographies through the energy transition.