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Offshore Wind

Boskalis is a leader in the offshore wind market. Our unique contribution to the global energy transition has included more than 100 offshore wind farms and we have a successful track record in the offshore wind industry in every project phase. Our unparalleled range of activities and experience, in combination with our versatile fleet of equipment, allows us to deliver the most effective solutions for the completion of any offshore activity on time and within budget.

Geophysysical And Geotechnical Surveys (1)

Geophysical and geotechnical surveys

Through its subsidiairies Gardline and Horizon Boskalis is able to provide geophysical, geotechnical and environmental marine surveys which are critical for the correct design of the foundations of offshore structures such as wind turbines and associated infrastructure.


Unexploded ordnance detection and removal

We manage the risk of unexploded ordnance (UXO) through research and risk assessment, geophysical surveys, data interpretation and target discrimination, the physical identification of UXO locations, and clearance.

Boulder Clearance

Boulder clearance

Our extensive range of boulder clearance equipment delivers tailored solutions for boulder clearance operations. All our tools can be operated from one of our large fleet of anchor handlers.

Foundation And Substaion Transport And Installation

Foundation and substation transport and installation

The Boskalis fleet of (semi-submersible) barges, heavy transport vessels and heavy lift vessels transports and installs offshore wind foundations such as monopiles and jackets.

Scour Protection

Scour protection and seabed preparation

Our DP2 rock installation vessels prepare the seabed and install protection for wind turbine foundations, substations and power cables against scour, anchors and fishing nets.

Subsea Cable Installation

Subsea cable installation

The Boskalis range of cable lay vessels and equipment deliver a full package of solutions for the installation and burial of export and inter-array cables, including pre-lay ploughing, simultaneous laying and ploughing, and post-lay burial services (jet trenchers and cutters).

Diving And ROV Services

Diving and ROV services

Our own fleet of diving support, and ROV support vessels offers air diving and saturation diving solutions such as subsea inspection, repair and maintenance.



Our full range of decommissioning services includes, but is not limited to, offshore survey, on- and offshore preparations, engineering, cutting/dismantling, removal and transport, as well as onshore dismantling, recycling and disposal.

Proven offshore wind solutions

Our offshore wind solutions

Unique team performance

In 2023 Bokalift 2 installed XXL monopiles for the Southfork offshore wind farm along the east coast of the United States.