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Subsea Cables

Boskalis has an unparalleled track record in subsea cable installation. We have successfully installed more than 5,000 km of export and array cables with our own fleet of cable lay and trenching vessels, barges and advanced support equipment. As a total solutions provider, we can deliver a fully integrated service for our clients.

Boskalis offers the full range of installation and burial solutions for export, interconnector and inter-array cables. We back that up with in-house services such as offshore survey, seabed preparation, dredging and rock placement. The combination of our own fleet of vessels and equipment with in-house project management and engineering expertise minimizes risk for our clients’ projects, from the early stages until final handover.

Proven subsea cable solutions

Boskalis operates multiple specialist vessels and advanced equipment, providing a full package of solutions for the installation and burial of export and inter-array cables, including pre-lay ploughing, simultaneous laying and ploughing, and post-lay cable burial services.


Solution Subsea Power Cable Installation

Subsea power cable installation

Our multipurpose cable-laying vessels and barges, including a dedicated inter-array cable installation vessel, allow us to offer a wide range of inter-array, export and interconnector installation solutions for both shallow and deeper waters.

Solutions Cable Burial And Protection

Cable burial and protection

Our state-of-the-art equipment can install and bury cables down to eight meters below the seabed, providing flexibility in a broad range of soil conditions. Our suite of powerful trenchers & ploughs is designed to clear a swathe of seabed, providing a pre-trench and backfill cable protection solution to the burial depths required.


Cable repairs

Our experience with cable repairs is unrivalled: we have replaced over 50 cable joints in more than 20 repair and replacement campaigns, including the replacement of 100 kilometers of cable. We provide the full range of repair work including engineering and planning.


Cable lay vessels

Boskalis operates two specialist vessels for subsea cable installation: the dedicated inter-array cable installation vessel Boka Ocean and the multipurpose cable lay vessel Ndurance.

Fleet Cable Lay Barge

Cable lay barge

Our Giant 7 and Boka Constructor cable lay barges are ideal for cable installation in nearshore areas.

Fleet Trenching Support Vesssels

Trenching support vessel

Ndeavor is our trenching support vessel. It is equipped with our powerful hybrid trencher CBT-2400 and the TROV-107 jetting tool, providing the ideal combination for the burial of cable ends near monopiles, jackets or joints.

Fleet Cable Lay Equipment

Cable lay equipment

We have our own range of dedicated equipment for the installation of cables, such as ploughs, burial sledges, trenchers, and boulder clearance tools

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