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Biodiversity and ecosystems

Through our structured approach to managing environmental risks we aim to prevent and mitigate negative impacts on marine life or local habitats, such as those linked to invasive species, turbidity or pollution. We also aim to be an industry leader in the development of nature-based solutions to protect and enhance coastal ecosystems.

Environmental management

In line with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the protection of biodiversity and the marine environment are central to Boskalis’ environmental and social risk management policies and procedures. Where our activities occur close to critical habitats or sensitive ecosystems, we apply systematic precautionary management and mitigation measures.

We invest in research and development, ways of working and collaboration with third party experts to help protect and enhance biodiversity and marine life. Depending on location and the type of work, our activities can have an impact on individual species as well as the broader habitat. The most significant biodiversity pressures related to our business are:

• suspended sediments/turbidity;
• the modification, fragmentation and/or loss of habitat;
• the introduction of invasive species;
• pollution from waste or spills.

Our biodiversity framework is based on our collaboration with the an international NGO and detailed work within the business to identify our priorities and areas of influence in the field of biodiversity.


Nature-based solutions

We also actively seek opportunities to make a positive contribution to the conservation, restoration and enhancement of natural environments. We do this through the provision of nature-based infrastructure solutions, as well as through delivery of restoration projects within specific marine ecosystems. We continue to invest in the development of new technologies and work methods and to build an environmental mindset with our teams, project owners and stakeholders. Depending on the project type and scope of works for the contractor, we can also provide our Building with Nature (BwN) offering. BwN constitutes an innovative and holistic approach to hydraulic engineering that departs from the dynamics of natural systems in the design phase. This approach benefits the environment, economy and society.