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Responsible business

Boskalis is committed to acting with integrity, reliability and responsibility towards our stakeholders. We reinforce these values by applying our Boskalis Code of Conduct to all our operations.

Our policy framework

Our Boskalis Code of Conduct is based on international guidelines such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is part of the employment contracts of all Boskalis staff. An anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy are both enshrined in the Code. As well as considering quality, reliability of delivery and price, we also select our suppliers based on their environmental and social performance, including safety and sustainability. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on similar values and is reviewed every year to accommodate any relevant new legislation. We perform an Implementation Scan each year on a selection of our contracted suppliers to verify their compliance.

Compliance with the Boskalis Code of Conduct is essential in the day-to-day business of Boskalis
Peter Berdowski (CEO)

Boskalis Code of Conduct

The Boskalis Code of Conduct takes account of the interests of our various stakeholders. They include employees, shareholders and financial institutions, suppliers, clients, government bodies, educational and knowledge institutes, industry and society associations (including NGOs) and the communities in which Boskalis operates. The responsibility for the Boskalis Code of Conduct and the compliance risks sits ultimately with the Board of Management.

Boskalis Code Of Conduct

Boskalis Supplier Code of Conduct

Boskalis sets the same principles for our suppliers of goods and services as we do for ourselves and are based on our core values, our commitment to our people, our clients, our investors, the environment and communities where we work. It describes our way of working and behavior and has been designed to help you as our supplier to make the right decisions in your daily work to improve your performance towards Boskalis, build up trust with our stakeholders and safeguard our solid reputation.

Boskalis Supplier Code Of Conduct