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Create innovative infrastructure

We aim to support economic development through the creation of reliable and resilient trade and transport-related infrastructure that is delivered using sustainable and industry-leading techniques.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Trade and transport are central to economic growth and ending poverty on a global scale. International trade infrastructure and effective transport corridors enable countries to innovate, improve productivity and provide better livelihoods for their people.

Executing hydraulic engineering projects for the developers of trade and transport infrastructure has been a core part of Boskalis for more than a century. Our activities in this area play a key role in supporting the socio-economic development of a region or country, contributing to the wellbeing of its occupants in a number of ways, including: maintaining and developing port infrastructure that facilitates global trade and economic growth; reclaiming land from the sea thereby allowing new housing to be built in densely populated cities or new commercial developments for (air)ports which boost global connectivity; developing inland infrastructure for trade and transport, reducing traffic congestion and creating more efficient transport networks.

Strengthening our contribution

This element of our business continues to be recognized as essential to accelerating progress towards achieving the SDGs, in particular SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Delivering climate resilient and sustainable trade- and transport-related infrastructure is an important way in which Boskalis can contribute to this goal.