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Heavy Marine Transport

Boskalis Offshore Heavy Marine Transport is a leading player in the heavy marine transportation sector. With our extensive fleet of semi-submersibles, we ensure the safe, reliable, and on-time delivery of some of the world’s largest, heaviest, and most valuable on- and offshore assets for the oil & gas and renewables markets. We also offer transport solutions tailored to the needs of our clients in other industries.

For years, Boskalis has been the world leader in dry heavy marine transport for the oil & gas market. In the renewables market, the increased size of foundations is driving the need for more, and larger, transport solutions. Our fleet of heavy transport vessels is therefore increasingly deployed on offshore wind projects.

Solutions Production Facility Transportation

Production facility transportation

Our semi-submersible vessels have excellent stability, carrying capacity and seagoing characteristics which makes them capable to transport oversized oil & gas production facilities. With a total of eleven vessels in our fleet we are in the position to deliver the right vessel at the right time and location.

White Marlin Jackups Load (1)

Drilling rig transportation

Our fleet transports drilling rigs on both open- and closed-stern vessels depending on the specifications of the rig. With over 40 years of experience, we comply with the highest quality standards, and the strictest health and safety rules, in the industry.

Solutions Module Transportation

Module transportation for onshore facilities

We provide the best on- and offloading solutions for your load. Our turnkey logistical solutions cover all facets of multiple module transportation projects in one contract, with the unparalleled schedule certainty, cargo security and transportation flexibility our client's demand.

Large DJI 0277

Float-over installation of topsides

Our open-stern semi-submersible vessels can provide perfect topside installation in float-over operations. Integrating transport and installation on the same vessel delivers major operational and financial benefits.

Proven transport solutions for the oil & gas market

XXL Monopiles Transport

Transportation of offshore XXL monopiles

Solutions Transportation Of Jackets

Transportation of jackets

Solutions Transportation Of OSS

Transportation of offshore substations

Solutions Float Over Installation Offshore Substations

Float-over installation of offshore substations

Proven transport solutions for the renewables market

Boskalis can transport offshore wind foundations such as monopiles and jackets, and also install offshore substations. We have the world’s largest transport assets and we are the only offshore wind contractor with these extensive capabilities in-house, guaranteeing capability and availability.

Shell Whale On BOKA Vanguard JC

Our heavy transport vessels

With a total of eleven semi-submersible heavy transport vessels in our fleet, we are in an excellent position to deliver the right vessel at the right time and location.

Our most distinctive asset for the transportation of production facilities is the Boka Vanguard. Its unique ‘bowless’ design can accommodate overhang at both bow and stern. With a deadweight capacity of 117,000 tons, it is the world’s largest semi-submersible vessel.

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For heavy marine transport related queries get in touch with our Commercial Director.

Contact information

For heavy marine transport related queries get in touch with our Commercial Director.