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Fleet investments

Boskalis makes targeted investments to maintain or expand our strong market position. Over the past few years we have invested in the fleet across the breadth of the group. Furthermore, we have expanded our fleet for offshore transport and installation through the acquisition and integration of SMIT, Dockwise, Fairmount and VBMS. We also design and convert our own vessels. These new vessels incorporate innovative technologies and meet the most stringent demands with respect to efficiency and energy consumption. We will continue to selectively invest in our fleet in line with our strategy.


Today and in the future

• In 2018 Boskalis took the Bokalift 1 into service: a conversion of semi-submersible heavy transport vessel Finesse into a transportation & installation vessel, including a self-propelled 3,000 mt crane. It can execute transportation as well as installation or decommissioning services. Due to its DP-2 capabilities there is no loss time for anchor spread deployment. The vessel can accommodate 150 persons and has a helicopter deck for offshore transfers.

• Self-propelled megacutter Helios - Boskalis has designed and built a new self-propelled mega cutter suction dredger, with a total installed power of 23,700 kW and a pump ashore capacity of 15,600 kW. Delivered in July 2017. A sister vessel for the Helios has been ordered, commissioning expected in 2020.

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Fleet and equipment

Boskalis has an extensive and versatile fleet of around 600 vessels which can be deployed in the optimal configuration for each project.


Boskalis creates new horizons, executing an extensive range of dredging and marine projects in 90 countries and across six continents.