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Specialist services

Boskalis provides a range of specialist services including underwater rock fragmentation through Rock Fall, environmental services through Boskalis Environmental, soil mechanics and environmental technology through Cofra and explosive ordnance disposal services through Boskalis Hirdes EOD Services.


Underwater rock fragmentation

Boskalis Rock Fall specializes in marine drilling and blasting. The company handles underwater rock fragmentation, which is required when the ground is too hard for dredging, for example in port deepening, shipping channel clearance or pipeline trenching.

Drilling and blasting rock is precision work, certainly in environmentally sensitive areas and places where space is limited, such as in close proximity to quaysides or pipelines. Boskalis Rock Fall has expert technicians and state-of-the-art equipment which it can deploy rapidly anywhere in the world.

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Environmental services

Boskalis provides sustainable, cost-competitive solutions for soil remediation on land as well as under water. Our strength lies in our integrated approach to the cleaning process, from precision dredging to re-use.

Boskalis Environmental is our specialist in contaminated sediment remediation. The company processes contaminated dredged material in fraction separation plants and prepares it for re-use.

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Boskalis also provides solutions for entire mining processes – as for example in the Lelydorp bauxite mining project in Surinam. There we provided engineering and overburden removal through to bauxite mining and ore delivery. In addition to using traditional mining techniques, dredging techniques were used for top layer removal, making the use of blasting obsolete, and providing savings of up to 50 per cent compared with open-pit mining. Dredging techniques have been successfully used for the processing of mining products including gold, diamonds, rutile, phosphate, coal, iron ore and uranium.


Immersed tunnels

Boskalis specializes in the realization of immersed tunnels. We dredge building docks, make tunnel trenches, lay foundations and handle the transport, immersion and covering of tunnel elements. We have developed methods and equipment that enable us to perform high-precision work.

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Unexploded ordnance solutions

Boskalis Hirdes EOD Services has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in seabed inspection as well as the clearance, disposal and destruction of unexploded ordnance.

We focus on creating safe conditions for the construction and operation of offshore developments, such as wind farms. Our specialist teams work with the latest technology to locate, classify and recover ordnance in the offshore area and in coastal and shallow water zones.

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Ground improvement

Cofra is the ground improvement specialist within Boskalis, specializing in the installation of various consolidation techniques. These are used to minimize construction time and include MebraDrain vertical drain, and the BeauDrain vacuum consolidation techniques. For the compaction of granular soils the company applies its Cofra Dynamic Compaction (CDC) technique.

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Gravel and sand trading

Boskalis is widely involved in the production of gravel, sand and clay. We hold concessions for the production of such primary building materials at various sites worldwide.

More about our activities

and maintenance
of ports

Boskalis has extensive experience constructing and maintaining ports and waterways worldwide.

Land reclamation

Boskalis is a global expert in sustainable and cost-competitive land reclamation and shore protection. We transport dredged material ashore, improve soil and realize a variety of construction projects.

Coastal defense and
riverbank protection

Boskalis is a leading global player in coastal defense and riverbank protection. We design, construct and maintain dikes, dams, flood barriers, wave-reducing islands and sand motors and replenish beaches and foreshores.