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Boskalis Environmental is a global leader in large-scale environmental remediation of contaminated soil and dredged sediment. We conduct waterbed remediation by processing dredged material in specially designed mobile separation and dewatering plants. We also construct permanent sediment treatment plants. In addition we can provide extraction of building materials from waste for re-use. Boskalis subsidiary Cofra has patented techniques for sealing contaminated soil, extracting landfill gas and compacting material to reduce volume.

Cost-competitive soil remediation and beneficial re-use

Around the world, there is a growing demand for large-scale remediation solutions for contaminated soil located on land as well as underwater. This remediation is often part of land development projects that are time critical, subject to strict environmental requirements, and where costs are a major feasibility factor.

Involve us early on to help guarantee an accurate and comprehensive response to complex issues.

Boskalis has extensive experience delivering complex projects worldwide. We manage the entire process for you – from inspection and design through to the implementation of remediation work, transportation and disposal at re-use sites or depots.

Our environmental services solutions


Soil remediation

Boskalis Environmental provides sustainable, cost-competitive solutions for soil remediation.


Sand capping

and compacting contaminated soil.


Riverbed remediation

by mobile separation and dewatering plant.


Large scale sediment treatment plant

For the Fox River Sediment Remediation project a permanent, 247,000 square foot processing facility was engineered.


Contaminated soil depot

Design, construction and management.

More infra solutions

Land reclamation

Boskalis reclaimes land, improves soil, protects shorelines and realizes coastal contruction projects.

Coastal protection

Boskalis constructs traditional hard sea defenses and innovative soft sea defenses.

Roads and railways

Boskalis develops, supervises and realizes multidisciplinary road and railway projects.

Inland ports and waterways

Boskalis designs, builds and maintains inland ports and waterways.

Tunnels and bridges

Boskalis designs, develops and constructs bridges and tunnels, providing solutions covering the entire process.