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Cable-laying vessels

Our fleet of cable-laying vessels is a truly multipurpose fleet. Besides a dedicated cable-laying vessel we own two multipurpose cable-laying vessels that are capable of cable-laying as well as executing a wide range of associated activities such as diving support, subsea rock installation, offshore construction support, salvage assignments and even dredging operations. As an addition to these vessels we own three cable lay barges to support IRM and cable joints operations. In offshore and near shore operation.

The Spirit is a dedicated DP-2 cable-laying vessel with a cable loading capacity of 4,400-ton. The turntable has an outer diameter of 24 meters and is 5.5 meters high (extendable to max 7 meters) and is capable of loading and laying cables with a diameter up to 450mm with a cable speed range of 0 - 1,000 meters per hour.

The DP-2 diesel electric Ndeavor and Ndurance are both 7,500 DWT vessels and have a length of 99 meters, a breadth of 30 meters, a design draught of 4.7 meters and are even designed for beaching. A six point mooring system is part of the standard outfitting of the vessels. The Ndeavor has a 2,000-ton turntable capacity and is equipped with a helicopter deck. The Ndurance has a 5,000-ton capacity turntable for worldwide cable-laying activities.

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Cable-laying/multipurpose vessel

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Bokabarge 82

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Cable-laying/multipurpose vessel

5,000 Tons

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Cable-laying vessel

4,400 Tons