Research and development is essential to Boskalis. We continuously invest in the development of new methods and cutting-edge technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and environmental sustainability of our dredging, offshore energy and salvage activities. Through R&D we also aim to achieve greater cost efficiency and precision throughout our operations, by for example, enhancing training programs, project design and engineering, using advanced simulators and virtual reality technology. Our R&D activities also contribute to providing accurate estimation models for tender processes, and developing technology to enter new markets such as offshore mining.


We have a dedicated research team, in-house test facilities, and we also collaborate with peer group companies, universities and knowledge institutes. We are involved with various doctoral research and graduation projects at the Delft University of Technology in particular, and are also engaged in a research program at the Stichting Speurwerk Baggertechniek (Foundation for Dredging Technology Research) in the Netherlands.

Thanks to our commitment to R&D, we are leading global dredging and marine experts with the know-how required to take on even the most complex projects.


Amazing things can now be printed in 3D. But will it be possible to print a reef from locally dredged material? Reefs that have been designed specifically for their environment, creating an optimal habitat for local coral development? How one pioneering employee put two and two together resulting in a remarkable pilot in Monaco.

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Building with nature

Boskalis proactively developed Building with Nature to gain insight into the impact of hydraulic engineering projects on ecosystems.
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