23 September 2016

Boskalis has unveiled a sculpture on the man-made island Punta Pacifica it constructed off the coast of Panama City. The sculpture called Ocean Reef I was presented by Boskalis CEO Peter Berdowski to José Isabel Blandón (alcalde del Distrito de Panamá) in the presence of Alfredo Aleman (CEO Ocean Reef Marina).

Boskalis constructed the first Punta Pacifica island in the period 2011-2013. Construction of the second island commenced in April this year when the Dutch Prime Minister placed the first stones. At the ceremony held earlier this week, the land of the second island was blessed by a rabbi, priest and vicar.

The sculpture contains elements that refer to the marine life in the immediate vicinity of the islands. The sculpture stands 13.75 meters tall and weighs 35 tons and will be accompanied by a smaller sculpture on the second island early next year.

The ceremony was attended by various representatives from Boskalis and the client, as well as by Sr. José Isabel Blandón (alcalde del Distrito de Panamá), Sr. Ivan Zarak (Economía y Finanzas), Sr. Manuel Grimaldo (Comercio e Industrias) , Sr. Jorge Barakat (Autoridad Marítima de Panamá) and Mr Dirk Janssen (Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Panama).

About the artist

Ruud Kuijer became well-known in the mid-80s with his sculptures that feature distinct abstract shapes. The style of Ruud's work can be characterized as non-contemporary. He uses shapes and objects and connects them in a playful manner, challenging the laws of gravity and creating seemingly unstable compositions. Ruud has increasingly used concrete as a building material which, fittingly, is a combination of the two components that lie at the heart of Boskalis' work: water and sand.

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More about Punta Pacifica


Land reclamation artificial island, Punta Pacifica


Land reclamation artificial island, Punta Pacifica

The shoreline of Panama has increasingly become densely populated and, as the economy has boomed over the past 10 years, there is strong demand for high-end products. The real-estate market has taken a revolutionary step with the completion of the the first artificial real-estate island in the Americas.The Santa Maria island is named after one of the vessels used by Christopher Colombus on his first transatlantic voyage in 1492. The island is connected to the shore by a bridge. The project was initiated by the Ocean Reef Island Inc., and Boskalis Panama S.A. was awarded the Design and Construct contract at the end of a tender procedure. The decisive factors included not only the price but also, and more importantly, the reliability of the contractor in terms of quality, the involvement of local management, the proposed construction method, equipment resources, and in-house engineering capability and capacity. After completing two pre-contracts (the construction of a promotional island and the partial removal of soft sediments), the main contract was finally signed on 7 January 2011. The construction of the island The first step in the project was the dredging and disposal of the soft sediments overlaying the weathered rock layer with the clamshell Alex and TSHD Flevo. Work then started on the construction of the rock dike. The rock was produced by the Client in the area of Vacamonte and then taken by truck to the Boskalis loading facility alongside the port of Vacamonte. Prior to the start of the contract the Client and Boskalis undertook a detailed soil investigation in the (rock)quarry area in order to establish the presence of the various required gradings. Also during the quarry activities Boskalis supported the Client in order to achieve an optimal quarry performance. The loading facility is in a location that is not sheltered against the long pacific swells. Adopting a flexible loading structure reduced downtime and Boskalis was able to match rock production output without difficulty. A total of five different types of rock grading were used to work as cost-effectively as possible while maintaining the stability of the island given the long and strong swells. The inside of the rock dike was covered with a geotextile to prevent the loss of sand through the dike back into the ocean. By April 2012, the island was ready for filling with sand.

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Dutch Prime Minister places first stones for second Boskalis-built artifical island in Panama.

On Sunday 12 April Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited the artificial island constructed by Boskalis off the coast of the Punta Pacifica residential area of Panama City. Following a guided tour of the island the Prime Minister, together with Mike Eman (PM of Aruba), José Isabel Blandon (Mayor of Panama) and Claret Connor (Minister of Tourism of Saint Martin), placed the first stones for a second island to be built by Boskalis . Nine hectares of land will be created by placing approximately 600,000 cubic meters of rock to form a perimeter and filling this with 1.3 million cubic meters of sand. The project also includes the construction of a bridge to connect the two islands.

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