Boskalis is committed to acting with integrity, reliability and responsibility towards our stakeholders. We reinforce these values by applying our General Code of Business Conduct to all our operations.

Our General Code of Business Conduct is based on international guidelines such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is part of the employment contracts of all Boskalis staff. An anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy are both enshrined in the Code.As well as considering quality, reliability of delivery and price, we also select our suppliers based on their environmental and social performance, including safety and sustainability.Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on similar values and is reviewed every two years to accommodate any relevant new legislation. We perform a CSR scan each year on a selection of our contracted suppliers to verify their compliance.

• In 2019 81% of our strategic suppliers (by spend) was subject to a CSR scan and found to endorse the Supplier Code of Conduct, compared to 70% in 2018.

Sustainable Dismantling
Our vessels are dismantled by third parties. Our ship dismantling policy is focused on safe and sustainable dismantling. We follow existing international legislation and regulations in this area and have been repeatedly recognized as an industry leader by the NGO Shipbreaking Platform.

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