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Materiality assessment

Periodically, we commission an independent third party to update our materiality analysis to ensure that our stewardship continues to focus on the topics which our internal and external stakeholders deem to be materially significant.

Understanding our impact

The materiality assessment illustrates the relative importance of a shortlist of 18 topics to our business and our stakeholders to ensure that our stewardship continues to focus on those topics which are deemed to be materially significant. The topics were selected and defined based on leading industry ESG benchmarks and reporting frameworks, alongside a media and peer analysis. During the last update we commissioned an independent third party to conduct an online assessment, seeking the view of over 200 stakeholders, including clients, investors, young or prospective employees, NGOs and suppliers. More than 50 members of senior management, including the entire Board of Management, were also invited to participate. Stakeholders ranked the selected topics that they considered to be most and least relevant for Boskalis. The relative importance of these themes is presented in the materiality matrix below.

Materiality Matrix 2022